The past couple of years I have been chiseling away at a project that is very near and dear to me and this August 14th marked the day that my debut album as a solo artist was released!!! Fool Potential is a ten-track art-pop album that I have written, recorded, edited, and produced on my own. The album was mixed by Mark Abrams and mastered by John Paterno.

When I was performing with Phantods, I would get all sorts of questions after the shows. Often I would get ones like who writes the lyrics/vocals (that would be me) or when I joined the band (I didn’t join the band, I started it with Dan and Micah) and I always felt like I needed to shout at the top of my lungs that I am an active participant in this journey and not just an accessory to it lol. I think that’s why I felt driven to make an album on my own and also why I am especially proud of this one. 😊

My Buggie project is as much about visual art as it is a music project. Each track on the album has a sculpted scene and stop motion to go with it that I handmade myself. As I explore my vision I am learning as I go. I’m a newbie with a lot of it from the DAW I’m recording in to using an airbrush and other art supplies. It has forced me to focus on exploration rather than perfection and I like that. This little realm of ideas – all of the characters who exist here feel like we are all part of this whimsical yet oddball world. Whether you’re sculpted from clay or flesh and blood, I invite you to be a part of the Buggie Club!

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