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New Sculptures

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Fool Potential

My First Full-Length Solo Album


Hi! My name is Gretchen.

Welcome to my page. I am a graphic designer, photographer, musician, and artist originally from Ohio. Here, you will find a collection of my past work and current creative endeavors. Explore more within each category below. Thanks for looking!

Graphic Design

Past highlights of my work with Pinup Girl Clothing, Arkon Mounts, and Puremix.


Includes charting on CMJ's Top 100, a feature film, performing in South Korea, and a Kellogg's jingle.


My work as a photographer and photo editor spans fashion, studio, and weddings.

Personal Project Highlight

Buggie Club

What happens when perfection is no longer the target, but instead the focus is on exploration? There is a story about a ceramics class divided into two groups. Group A is to spend all week making only one perfect pot, while Group B is to focus on making as many pots as possible. At the end of the week what they discovered was that Group B had the better pot. We get so caught up in getting it right that sometimes we hesitate to get it done. Rather than wait 'til I knew what I was doing, I decided to learn as I go. What resulted is Fool Potential, an album that I wrote, recorded, and produced on my own. Although I wasn't making pots, I was also using clay. Each track has a sculpted scene and stop-motion to go with it.

Client Spotlight